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Cell Isolator CIS030

Smart Biopsy™ Cell Isolator - CIS 030 Smart Biopsy™ Cell Isolator enriches intact rare cells from human blood and/or body fluid using HDM chip.
(High density microporous chip)
- By size-based filtration, it captures viable cells, which can be useful for downstream application including genomic analysis, immunofluorescent staining, and culture.
- It is applicable for all kind of body fluid containing rare cells, e.g., blood, pleural effusion, etc.
- Typical example of enriched rare cells is CTC (circulating tumor cells).


  • Capture Intact and Pure Cells

    Enrich viable cells with high purity by size-based filtration.

  • Automatically detects liquid layer

    Detect the volume of the liquid layer by camera and process automatically.

  • Utilize Validated CTC Analysis Workflows

    Analyze enriched cells with the downstream assay methods including genomic analysis and immunofluorescent staining.

  • Unique Barcode System

    Detect barcode on sample container to avoid intermixing of samples.

  • Variable Volume Sample Loading

    Process sample loading in 5~10ml

In equipment Workflow

  • STEP 1

    Double Negative Selection - Removal of most of erythrocytes and leukocytes in the whole blood

  • STEP 2

    HDM Chip - Further removal of remaining smaller nucleated cells by size-based gravity flow filtration

  • STEP 3

    CTC Recovery - Retrieval of CTCs


  • Immunofluorescence Staining

    Images of captured CTCs from patients. CTCs were identified by the following
    criteria : DAPI (+)/EpCAM (+)/ CD45 (-)

  • FISH

    FISH analysis for the detection of ALK rearrangement
    in CTCs from lung cancer patient. Separate red and green signals (arrows)
    and isolated red signals (arrow heads) indicates ALK rearrangement.

  • CTC Culture

    Representative images of cultured CTCs at day 0, 4, 7 and 16.

  • Mutation Analysis in CTC

    EGFR exon 19 deletion test with CTCs from lung cancer patient.

IF Stainer CST030

SmartBiopsy™ IF Stainer - CST 030 SmartBiopsy™ IF Stainer is fully automated immunofluorescent staining system, which can stain cells
on the slide with , CD45, anti-EpCAM, CK etc.
- The staining procedure is done in a dark chamber with temperature and moisture control. The system has refrigerated chamber, where reagents are kept.
- Various staining procedures can be done with various antibodies, and up to 12 slides can processed at one time.

Feature & Performance

  • Accurate volume of reagents

    Can release accurate volume of reagents at each step of procedure, and remove reagents on the slides.

  • Automatic mounting

    Mount coverslip automatically with DAPI-containing mounting medium.

  • Cold Storage

    Refrigerated chamber can maintain the temperature of reagents during the procedure.

  • Temperature control chamber

    Automatic temperature & humidity control. External light blocking device.

  • Multiple Sample Loading

    Can process 1~12 slides.

  • Covering Module

    Automatic cover glass attachment device on the stained sample slide.

  • Applications

    Cell staining-based High Throughput screening Development of Staining Protocol.

In equipment Workflow

  • STEP 1

    Liquid Vision

  • STEP 2

    Liquid Dispensing & Incubation

  • STEP 3

    Sample Sealing on Cover glass

Immunofluorescent staining - CIKF10

Immunofluorescent staining image of circulating tumor cells detected from clinical samples.


Immunofluorescent staining for circulating tumor cell specific biomarkers and leukocyte expression proteins was
performed to identify circulating cancer cells isolated from various cancers.


4-channel analysis using two different cancer cell-specific biomarkers (EpCAM & CK) is possible using circulating
tumor cells from patients with colorectal cancer.

Cell Image Analyzer CIA040

Smart Biopsy™ Cell Image Analyzer - CIA 040 The Smart Biopsy™ Cell Image Analyzer captures immunofluorescent images of cells stained with
anti-EpCAM, -CD45, -CK antibodies. The system includes Image Analyzing software.
- Cell image capture on accurate location provides high-quality merged image of multi-fluorescence.
- The software provides individual values of intensity and morphology of each cell. Entire slide image and/or magnified image can be obtained.
- All modules can be operated by both automatic and manual control.

Feature & Performance

  • Single Slide Loading

    Single slide loading with automatic cover for opening and closing

  • Multiple Color Shot on Same Position

    High-quality of merged image.

  • Automatic Analysis

    Automatic Sample Image Extraction.

  • Easy-Operating Software

    Individual value of fluorescent intensity, cell morphology of each cell. Real time zoom in/out of images on the slide.

Feature & Performance

  • Fluorescence Intensity Analysis

    - Analysis of target protein analysis based on immunofluorescence staining

    - Analysis of cell morphology

  • Automatic Target Counting

    - Automatic counting capacity : more than ten thousands of cells

    - Automation : From analysis to Data report

  • Cancer Cell Counting

    - Filter mode : For detection of specific cancer cells.

In equipment Workflow

  • STEP 1

    Sample Loading on platform

  • STEP 2

    Focusing & Shooting

  • STEP 3

    Analyzing & Reporting